Graphic design, website development and search engine optimization

Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

BastikoIT is a web studio that creates first-class projects (design, websites) by business needs, market trends, client wishes, and the client’s budget. We take into account all the customer’s wishes, and we give recommendations before performing the work.



Analytics, creativity, and practice, science and art are intertwined in graphic design from BastikoIT. Our designers use graphic and raster programs, creative and non-standard business ideas are embodying, which, as a result, create an exclusive image of a web project. Design development is aimed at creating an attractive visual concept and individual style – in accordance with the necessary technical requirements.

Web Design

Drawing a raster to a vector in BastikoIT allows you to get a high-quality image, which in the future, when printed on any printer, scanned or viewed on a monitor, will look flawless. Our service to drawing vectors image service will help you transform blurry images into fully scalable vector images that you can enlarge to any size without loss of quality. We carry out all work carefully and in detail.

Website design development is one of the key moments of launching a web project, which must be treated with the utmost responsibility. Truly high-quality sites are born when they are worked on like works of art. The design of the resource should attract attention, cling, interest. The correct placement of modules, a convenient menu, noticeable buttons for taking actions (call-to-action) – all this works for your business, increasing traffic and sales from the site. BastikoIT is continuous intellectual work, new ideas, viable and functional projects.


Logo development. A logo is a graphic symbol used to identify and increase brand awareness. Competent logo design has become a guarantee of quality and an indicator of the brand’s success. We offer the development of a logo design at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time. You get a unique logo, thought out to the smallest detail, which will become an effective marketing tool. Your task is to voice your wishes and provide maximum information about your project, company mission, goals and ideas. The skills, knowledge and experience of our specialists allow us to create a logo that will not only be beautiful but commercially successful. Professional designers working for us are high-level specialists who are constantly developing, following trends, mastering the most modern graphic design innovations.


The audience’s attitude to the company (building visual communication with the consumer) is largely influenced by high-quality graphic design. We develop a unique, memorable brand book design, corporate identity for your business. Create your own unique style of your business together with BastikoIT.

Naming is the process of creating an original name for a company, trademark, brand, company. Naming services are needed by every organization, regardless of the field of activity, which is just starting its own business or already has it, but wants to be renamed.

The corporate identity: Corporate colours; Corporate fonts; Presentation template; Business card design.  The corporate identity is a combination of information, graphic, and colour elements that create an individual image of the company, emphasize its reliability, improve the brand’s perception and memorability by partners and competitors.


When a website develops in a highly competitive niche, SEO, Social media, Analytics can be of great benefit for a resource. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps attract new visitors to resources and increase network traffic. Social Media means communication with the future consumer through social networks and is an integral stage in the comprehensive promotion of projects. Promotion in Google maps is work, which is the receipt of additional traffic for local requests. Google Analytics (GA) is a service from Google for webmasters and optimizers that allows you to analyze user behaviour on the site.


Content is all information posted on web resources: texts, pictures, photographs, video, audio, animation, 3D animation and any other formats. Above all, content is an essential element on which the success of your project depends. Text content is one of the most important for search engine optimisation.

SEO refers to search engine optimisation or the process of optimising a website so that people can easily find it using search engines. SEO content is online content that is intended to rank in search engines (like Google). The purpose and result of posting such content on the site are to attract traffic from search engines.

At BastikoIT, we will optimize your site by adding: Unique, search engine optimized content; Meta tags Links.


Social Media. Today, an effective method of promoting a company through social networks is to create a company representative office – a group, page, community, a blog on various platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, Google business, Instagram, etc.).

We will register a company in the necessary social networks. Develop a business profile design. BastikoIT will form a uniform style for your pages on social networks. As a result, we will prepare your social networks for work.

Google maps. The presence of this service is useful for all types of companies. To attract new customers through Google Maps, we will competently prepare and customize your business page. Reviews about the company on Google maps help motivate users to buy goods and services.


Google Analytics is a service for analyzing user behaviour on websites and applications. It is an indispensable tool for website owners and internet marketers to help with search engine optimization. Provides detailed data for all visitors, displaying data about the region, operating system, provider, traffic source and other important parameters. The owner’s website installs JavaScript from Google, which automatically tracks all transitions. The system starts recording actions and movements as soon as a visitor visits any page of the resource. This takes into account both direct referrals and visits from the search engine, social networks, advertising services and other sources.

Website Development

Online stores, landing pages, blogs, corporate sites are web solutions that allow you to scale your business. As a result, improve customer engagement, increase loyalty and increase revenue. BastikoIT creates innovative high-tech business websites that successfully fulfil the assigned tasks and contribute to its promotion. We offer a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of any business area. We make all projects responsive to mobile devices. A responsive design website will look beautiful both on a computer and on a smartphone, tablet or another device.


The corporate website (business card) is the official website of the company. A corporate website usually correctly displays all information, taking into account the goals of the business. Such a site is a virtual “business card” and contains general information about a company or individual and the services they provide.

A landing page is a mini-site format from one page, which provides information about a service, product or a set of them in a form convenient for the visitor. The landing page’s ultimate goal is to induce a visitor to take a targeted action: go to a specific page, make a call, subscribe to a newsletter, or place an order.

A blog is a website that consists of regularly added posts that contain text, photos or videos. The main feature of such sites is the ease of adding new publications and for visitors – the ability to leave comments.


The online store is the best solution for online trading, which will increase sales, expand the client base, and reaching new levels and regions. The online store contains a catalogue of goods to purchase (order) goods directly through the site. The main task of an online store is direct sales and service to end consumers. Online stores are equipped with wide functionality, adaptive layout, all the necessary functionality, including online payment and delivery services.

Creating an online store is a rather profitable step. At the very least, it costs an order of magnitude cheaper than setting up an offline point of sale. Our task is to provide a fast and stylish resource that meets all the necessary parameters to attract customers and increase sales.


What is Website Redesign? A website redesign is a radical change in the interface or creating a completely new website. This is a website design modernization service and add new functions and improve usability. A website redesign is necessary to maintain the company’s image in Internet users’ eyes – that is, your potential customers.

Do you want to expand your business, improve your image and get new clients? Then you need a modern and adaptive website. We create interfaces that prove to be effective by improving key performance indicators. If your company already has a website and needs to improve the site’s design without losing its corporate identity and without spending a lot of money, then a website redesign is what you need.



We strive to get the maximum feedback from our customers so that the result is just as fully consistent with your ideas and requirements. We find out for what and why? What problem needs to be solved? What are the goals to be achieved? We listen to all the wishes of the customer. We discuss all the points and details of the project.


Each project is unique. Our designers will help you highlight and emphasize your own style. Each design, each site, which of our hands – is guaranteed to be individual. Website design, logo design, project design is the first impression that cannot be made a second time. Thanks to a detailed analysis of competitors and the market, designers determine the project’s most beneficial design (website, logo, brand book). A unified style of the company is created, emphasizing the features.


We treat each project we make in our studio as a holistic, independent work with its own idea and audience. We are always ready for dialogue, finding compromises, and willingly taking into account all wishes in working on a project. We work for the result for our client. It is important for us that our clients benefit from cooperation and remain satisfied with the result.


We have optimized many processes thanks to many years of experience and technology. We create a quality product at an attractive price. The price of any project depends on the complexity, amount of work and the time it will take us to complete the work.


We immerse ourselves as much as possible in your project’s niche, research the market, analyse competitors, and identify the target audience. Identity, logo, website development, domain, hosting, content, support, promotion. Everything in one safe place.


We never procrastinate. Always in touch – mail, client chats in messengers. Regardless of the project’s scale, complexity, and budget, we always work on 100%. You acquire partners who are interested in the growth of your business and projects.

Recent Projects

Website Redesign

Website Redesign for Westdijk Sweden AB

Based on clearly defined goals, we developed an attractive and bright company logo. We also developed a website design that visually “tells” about the company’s concept. We filled the site with SEO content and also connected SMM services.

  • New CMS
  • Design
  • Logo
  • SEO content
  • SMM